Our new Skip-a-Pay program gives you the option to defer monthly payments on an eligible loan. The skipped payments are then added to the end of the loan without affecting your credit.

Skip-a-Pay can come in handy if you experience a temporary reduction in income, need to pay for school or other unforeseen expenses, such as car repair or medical bills.

To skip your loan payment, you can download and fax us the form by clicking here. Or please call us at (626) 444-0501 or visit our branch at 11718 Ramona Blvd., El Monte CA 91732.

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By members choice, El Monte Community Credit Union is privately insured by American Share Insurance up to $250,000 per account.  This institution is not federally insured and if the institution fails, the Federal Government does not guarantee that depositors will get back their money.  Accounts with this institution are not insured by any state government.