Fee Schedule

Checking Account Fees  
Share Draft Orders Based on Style Desired
NSF Returned Unpaid $28.00 per item
Courtesy Pay $28.00 per item 
Share Draft Collection $28.00 per item
Stop Payment $22.00 per item
Stop Payment Range $22.00
Manual Funds Transfer (to cover Neg. Balance) $5.00 per transfer
Photocopy of Drafts/Statements $3.00 per item
Statement Copy (per month) $5.00 per item
Paper Statement (Account Print-Out) $3.00 
Investigation/Account Reconciliation $25.00 per hour
Money Orders $2.50
Cashiers Check (CU Official Check) $1.50
Early Closure of Accounts (90 days or less) $15.00
ATM/Debit Card Fees  
Replacement Card $10.00 each
ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee (Outside of CO-OP Network) $3.00
PIN Replacement/PIN Mailer $5.00
Card Replacement Rush $50.00
ACH Fees  
NSF Returned Fee $28.00 per item  
Stop Payment $22.00 each
Other Fees (for all accounts unless otherwise indicated)  
Membership Fee $5.00 (one-time fee)
Dormant Account (12 months of no Activity) $2.00 (every month)
Escheatment Fee $6.00
Domestic Wire Transfer $15.00
International Wire Transfer $30.00
Notary Service (free for CU related documents) $10 other documents
Fax Fees (Local) $0.25 per page
Fax Fees (Non-Local) $1.00 per page 
Copies $0.25
On-us Cashed Check by a Non-Member $10.00
Tax Levy $30.00
Garnishment $30.00
Returned Mail Fee $3.00
Verification of Deposits $5.00
Verification Letter $15.00
Credit Cards (VISA)  
Replacement $15.00
Cash Advances 3%
Late Fee $15.00 (after 15 days)
Loan Fees  
Payday Loan Process Fee $45.00
Deed of Trust Reconveyance Fee $150.00
Loan Subordination Fee $150.00
Skip-a-Payment $35.00
Duplicate Title/Lien Satisfied $15.00
Ticket Sales (Wholesale+$1)  
AMC Movie Tickets $11.25
Regal Movie Tickets $10.50
Stamps $10.00
A Regular Share has a par value of five dollars ($5.00)  
One share is required to open an account $5.00
and a one time fee of $5.00

Fees effective as of June 29, 2018. Fees are subject to change without notice

*Transactions at certain ATMs on systems that are not owned by our Credit Union or Co-op network may be subject to a service fee charged by the owner of the terminal and the Credit Union This fee may be imposed by a national, regional or a local automated transfer network that is used to facilitate the transaction.

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By members choice, El Monte Community Credit Union is privately insured by American Share Insurance up to $250,000 per account.  This institution is not federally insured and if the institution fails, the Federal Government does not guarantee that depositors will get back their money.  Accounts with this institution are not insured by any state government.