Bill Pay

Bill Pay allows members to pay bills directly from their checking account on the member specified payment date.

  • Make one-time payments or set up recurring payments for periodic bills with a standard invoice amount
  • An unlimited amount of merchants can be established
  • A detailed history of all payment transactions are stored for future member reference


Popmoney - the easy way to pay the babysitter or split the dinner bill. A faster, easier way to send and receive money. With Popmoney, you can pay someone or be paid back simply by using your laptop. No ATMs or checks required. When to use Popmoney?

  • Pay for childcare
  • Split the dinner bill with friends
  • Pay the little league entry fees
  • And tons more!

Free and Low-Fee Features

Send Money (Standard Delivery): Starts at $0.50 Receive Money: Free
Send Money (Rush Delivery): Starts at $0.85 Request Money: Starts at $0.50


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